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Fully Tuned, SSG and Regulated .177 Marauder Wood


Huma regulated with a custom SSG. Custom valve, fully blueprinted, and tuned. 75 shots at ~19fpe.

This is an ajshoot’s custom tuned marauder in .177.

Includes: Rifle and 1 magazine as well as a single shot tray.

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Product Description

This rifle was fully tuned by ajshoots; a highly regarded member and marauder tuner on airgunnation.

This was one of his personal rifles, he fully tuned for his wife. Some of the work he has done includes:

HUMA regulator installed, and a custom made SSG to eliminate hammer bounce and increase shot count.

Fully Tuned trigger set for target work, single stage and 11oz.(Note: because this trigger has been custom set for the single stage, the safety no longer functions.)

Custom valve, and fully blue printed.(tuned, polished, and lubed)

All that goes together to give 75 consistent regulated shots per fill(3000psi fill) shooting 10.3gr pellets at 920fps for just under 20fpe. And would make and excellent Field Target rifle.

Rifle is fitted with a brand new stock and as also noted in the pictures, when cocked the SSG project out the back, this in no way impedes use of the rifle and functions nicely as a cocked indicator.

Note: As shown in the pictures the pressure gauge was removed when the regulator was installed.