Marauder Pistol & 1720T Bottle Kit


13ci Bottle Kit for your Marauder Pistol and 1720T

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Looking to get more shots from your Marauder Pistol or 1720T?

This 13ci bottle kit adds 213cc of air to the factory 65cc airtube for a huge increase in shot count.


It installs into your factory gauge port and relocates the pressure gauge to the head of the bottle for easier viewing while shouldering the rifle.

We recommend that only experienced airgun tuners and hobbyist do this install, and we are more than happy to do the install for you,

Installation is $35 and includes a 24 hour leak test and full chrony string so you know exactly how your gun is shooting when you get it,

we can also set it to a power level of you choice within the factory limitation.

Kit Includes:

1,   13ci, 3000psi Bottle

1,   Bottle Adapter & O-ring

1,   5000psi Threaded Adapter

1,   3D printed Barrel to Bottle Band.

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Note: Marauder Pistol, Leaper 3-9×32 Bugbuster Scope, and LDC are not included.