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Looking to upgrade your Fortitude, discovery, or maximus trigger? The Marauder trigger group is a excellent upgrade to help you get the best accuracy out of your rifle.


Marauder Trigger: We can supply you with a new factory Gen 1 MRod trigger and all of the parts that you will need to install it. We now include a Custom made SPACER. Yes the MRod Trigger will fit the Disco without this spacer but seeing that the MRod tube wall thickness is .095 and the Disco tube is only  .065, and because of this the MRod sear sticks into the Disco .030 too far. The Marauder Trigger Spacer brings the sear and hammer back into proper alignment. The MRod trigger will usually work fine in a Disco, but because the sear is engaged to twice the normal depth, it doesn’t disengage as cleanly as it does in the M-rod. The sear can drag excessively affecting hammer travel causing a lost of velocity, or it can jam. There have been cases where the sear was actually broken during the normal hammer rebound. The Marauder Trigger Spacer will eliminate those problems.


Note: The Marauder Trigger Kit, trigger guard will not fit the maximus without modifications to the stock. But the the trigger with spacer will fit and function without any issues.

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1 review for Marauder Trigger & Kit

  1. Adirondackbloodtrail (verified owner)

    I received the trigger quickly. I had a small issue with weak sear but, Joe helped me out and everything is great.
    If your thinking about upgrading your disco trigger and wonder if it’s worth it, it truly is. Soo crisp, I’m loving it. Starlings will fall in piles this spring!

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