P-Rod SS Balanced Valve


Want more power, higher shot count, and higher efficiency from your prod?

Check out the SS valve

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Designed and thoroughly tested by some of the greatest minds in the airgun industry,

this is a high efficiency valve for the P-Rod. By doing nothing other than installing this valve and using the factory hammer spring, and hammer spring adjustment, we can dial your velocity up to well over 800fps, and/or it can increase the shot count per air charge. This is probably the best single modification for P-Rod. These valves require very little force to open, and the best initial setup is to back the tension way off such that the hammer free-flights during firing. It’s possible (though we’ve never actually done it), that firing the valve with a heavy hammer, and a heavy hammer spring, with no pressure in the tank, could cause damage to the valve internals. Please refrain from using heavy hammers with this valve. The stock P-Rod has a spacer in between the valve and the gauge block, for installation of our valve, remove this little spacer, and only install the Balanced SS valve, and the gauge block.

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