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The Custom Entry Level Disco FT Rifle



This Disco is custom built and will permit you to compete in FT Matches with the best of them. It will be a .177 caliber with a custom valve, LW barrel, Marauder trigger W/polished aluminum trigger guard, two barrel bands and a stock that will turn heads. The great thing about this FT Rifle is that it will not break the bank as it will be in a price range that everyone will like and at the same time give you performance that will give you scores that can put you right up there with the best of them. It will come tuned with your choice of a 8.4 grain just under 12 FPE or just under 20 FPE with the 10.3 grain pellets

Marauder AR Double Tube

We are offering these fantastic AR DT kits for your Marauder rifle. They can only be purchased installed on your Gen 1 Marauder as the kits will not be sold separately. We hope that a Gen 2 version will follow before too long. This is a complete kit that includes a modified  Marauder Pistol trigger and one of Airgun Labs Double tube Kits.

If you do not have a Gen 1 Marauder and would like one of these AR style Marauder we can build one for you using all new Crosman factory parts.

Check them out on the PCP Page